Errors not affecting trial balance



    Three possible scenarios in a trial balance

    • Trial balance is not equal and is wrong because of three accounting errors which do effect the agreement of trial balance.
    • The trial balance is equal and wrong because of six accounting errors which do not effect the agreement of trial balance
    • Trial balance is equal and correct.

    Accounting errors not affecting the trial balance

    1. Error of omission

    When a complete transaction is omitted from the book of accounts, this is known as error of omission. For example AB bought machinery from Mr. Daniyal on credit for $4000, this transaction is completely omitted from the books.

    Rectifying entry :

    Machinery account                   $4000

    Mr.Daniyal”s account                        $4000

    1. Error of Commission

    When any account is wrongly entered in another  account of the same category, it is known as error of commission.  There are three types of accounts :

    • For debtors & creditors we open personal accounts
    • For all tangible items for example fixed assets we open Real Accounts.
    • For all the intangible items we open Nominal accounts.

    for example goods sold to Mr.Aun for $678 is wrongly entered in Mr.Ali’s account.

    Rectifying entries:

    Mr.Aun’s account                    $ 678

    Mr.Ali’s account            $678

    1. Error of principle

    When any account is wrongly entered in to the account of different classification e.g Bought motor vehicle $4000 is wrongly entered into Motor vehicle expense account .


    Rectifying entry


    Motor vehicle account                        $3000

    Motor vehicle expense account                    $3000


    1. Compensating error

    When two errors by the same amount cancel out each other, this is termed as compensating errors. For example purchases are overcast by $500 and wages are under cast by $500.

    Rectifying entry

    Wages account                         $500

    Purchases account                    $500


    1. Error of original entry

    When any amount is wrongly entered from the source documents to the books pf prime entry. For example goods sold to Mr.Aun $221 are entered in books as $212.

    Rectifying entries

    Mr.Aun’s account           $9

    Sales account                                     $9


    1. Error of reversal entry

    When any transaction is recorded in the books exactly in the reverse order, one which is to be debited is credited and the one which is to be credited is debited. For example cash drawn from bank $100 is debited to bank account and credited in cash account.

    Rectifying entry

    Cash account            $200

    Bank account                 $200


    *note that we double the amounts when rectifying reversal errors.