Business Ethics


    Business Ethics

    Ethics: ethics, in the context of business ethics, considers the moral rights of wrongs at the decision, focusing on a strategic level, rather than decisions made by, for example, individual employees. Businesses have to make many ethical decisions. Some are affected by the law. For example, it is illegal for businesses to talk why on a roadside was sent that drivers out on the road in unroadworthy vehicles period however comma many ethical decisions have to be made without the help of the law. For example, should an employer allow a worker to take a day off work to look after a sick child and still be paid?  Should a company stop buying goods from a factory in the east where they know work conditions are poor and wages are very low?

    Every business should have a stated code of conduct within which employees operate in respect of ethical business decisions, although at a senior level and on a personal level some employees might have differences of opinion. For example, some manufacturers may argue that it is wrong for businesses to manufacture toy guns just sell to children. Others may suggest that there’s no issue Some restaurant owners might face a dilemma about whether to sell alcoholic drink because of religious beliefs about alcohol. But other restaurant owners might not face such a dilemma. Despite these differences, in many situations most people often take the same ethical stance and are required to operate within the business code of conduct and mission statement. For example, most would agree that I could be should not use employee’s money in a pension fund to bail it out if it is making a loss.

    Ethics of Strategic decisions: strategic decisions are those that affect how a business operates in the long-term period or business’s how to make ethical decisions as part of their corporate strategy in these are usually responsibility of senior management these decisions that affect the direction of the business, with medium term tactical decisions usually responsibilities of Middle managers. Should a finance manager delay payments if the business has cash flow difficulties, should a self-employed plumber charge a senior citizen extra if the job takes longer than estimated, over the past 20 years, a number of issues have arisen for large corporation that require strategic decisions based on ethics.


    • The environment
    • Animal Rights
    • Workers in developing countries
    • Corruption
    • New Technologies
    • Product Availability
    • Trading issues



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