Employer/Employee Relations


    Employer/Employee Relations

    The relationship can impact on performance

    • If happy = motivated and productive

    Rates of pay

    • Employer wants wages suppressed
    • Employee wants higher wages for own personal standards of living

    New technology

    • Employer wants it to increase output and efficiency
    • Employee fears it as could cause job losses or having to learn new methods of production

    Flexible working

    • Employer wants s help manage production and can keep costs low
    • Employee find it an unpopular method

    Working conditions

    • Employer will provide what’s needed
    • Employee will want better conditions through benefits

    PROBLEMS – Solved by:

    • Individual approach, negotiation for personal gain however unfair ground
    • Collective bargaining, where employee is represented by trade union

    Collective bargaining

    • Agreements are transparent and binding
    • Rules and terms more likely to be respected
    • More equitable – power is equal between parties
    • Favouritism and victimisation may be reduced
    • Views aren’t always reflected
    • Costs are high
    • Owners may feel freedom to manage compromise
    • Can be lengthy process


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