3.6.2 Analysing human resource performance


    3.6.2 Analysing human resource performance

    Calculating and interpreting human resource data

    Labour Productivity = output per period / number of employees per period

    Unit Labour Costs = total labour costs / total units of output

    Employee Costs as a % of Revenue = employee costs / sales turnover x 100

    Absenteeism = staff absent / total number of staff

    Labour Turnover = number of employees leaving during period / average number employed during period

    Labour Retention = number of employees for one year or more / overall workforce number x 100


    The use of data for human resource decision making and planning

    The workforce plays a very important role in the growth and expansion of the business. Because of this, analysing data for the workforce is crucial to human resource decision making and planning because the company needs to know that the workforce is working effectively and efficiently, and that they are meeting the demands of the firm in order to meet the objectives set by the business for the future.


    Categories involved in human resource objectives and planning:

    • Employee engagement and involvement
      • Maximise reported levels of engagement
      • Extent of satisfactorily completed appraisals
    • Talent development
      • Investment (level) in employees training
      • Staff retention rates
      • Percentage of job vacancies filled by internal candidates
    • Training
      • Spend in total and per employee on training
      • Measures of training effectiveness
    • Diversity
      • Diversity in senior management positions (gender, experience, ethnicity etc)
      • Diversity in external recruitment (gender, ethnicity etc)
    • Alignment of values
      • Recruitment & induction training; extent focused on core values
      • Employee awareness of core values
    • Number, skills and location of employees
      • Labour turnover
      • Staff retention
      • Recruitment targets
      • Training budgets
      • Extent of skills gaps in the workforce


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