Design Mix/Trends


    Design Mix/Trends

    The design mix:

    • Provide sensory stimulation creating appeal. Designers should consider appearance, size/shape, presentation and element/function. As costs fall overtime aesthetics become more important.
    • Function. A product/service must be fit for purpose, reliable and be safe. Gain USP if it has superior functionality. Manufacturers of consumer durables offer long warranties to advertise reliability and durability of product
    • A well-designed product/service is more economically viable. Businesses can produce and sell for profit. Designers need to select materials and processes to minimise costs. Businesses often compromise between design and cost – if costs are high, product may be dropped


    • Design for waste minimisation
    • Design for recycling
    • Ethical sourcing


    Benefits of adapting:

    • Viewed as good corporate citizen
    • Help market products
    • More popular = sell in larger quantities
    • Lower costs = higher profits
    • USP


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