Leadership style


    Leadership style

    Advantages   disadvantages


    Manager sets objectives allocates tasks and insists on obedience. Group becomes dependent on leader; members are often dissatisfied.

    • Quicker decision making, centralised with leader
    • Leader has complete control preventing efficiently because of the strict control/ supervision from leader
    • Little cohesion and constant supervision can damage motivation
    • Employees may feel alienated due to lack of consultation regarding decisions


    Makes all decisions and expects them to be obliged too. Unlike autocratic a great deal of emphasis is placed on employee welfare. Subordinates have no control over decision making

    • Absenteeism/labour turnover reduced as employees’ needs are met, Maslow – employee loyalty
    • Open line of communication between managers and employees showing everyone is important
    • Staff as asset
    • Motivation can suffer
    • Bad decisions from top can cause major dissatisfaction


    Encourages participation in decision making.

    Persuasive: decision already made but time is taken to persuade others it is good

    Consultative; leader consults before making decision and the decision will consider views

    • Encourages teamwork promoting harmony, improves quality
    • Promotes creative environment, encouraging innovation and input of new ideas
    • Workers might be demotivated if their ideas are not used
    • Time consuming which can result in slow decision making


    Hands off approach provides others with resources. Leader gives little guidance and direction promoting freedom. Can be effective when workers are skilled, experienced, motivated and capable of independence. Satisfy Maslow theory of self-actualisation

    • Workers feel empowered as given responsibility
    • Successful for skilled workers/specialists may motivate them
    • Helps retention rates
    • Productivity may not be maximised as workers have too much freedom
    • Employees may not understand their roles they receive little guidance from leader




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