Consumer Protection: These laws are designed to protect customers from being misled. For example:

    • Sale of Goods Act (requires goods to be of the purpose advertised)
    • Trade Description Act (the good must do what is advertised)

    Employee Protection:

    These laws protect employees from being exploited by businesses. For example:

    • Minimum wage (means all workers are paid a decent wage)
    • Right to a contract of employment (better job security)

    Environmental Protection​:

    These laws protect the environment from damage by businesses. For example:

    • Landfill Tax (heavily tax to discourage the use of landfills
    • Environmental Protection Act (risk assessments to be carried out by companies)

    Competition Policy:

    The Competition and Markets Authority was established to launch investigations into cartels, takeovers and anti-competitive practises such as

    • Increased prices
    • Restricted consumer choice
    • Raise barriers to entry
    • Market share – collusion – cartels
    • Increases innovation
    • Reduces business costs – grow to exploit economies of scales
    • Increased efficiency
    • Slow down mergers or takeovers which may lead to business delays
    • May force sale of assets if mergers/takeovers lead to too great of held market share


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